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Don’t miss insights from business leaders around Colorado as they weigh in on the state’s current business climate. They share perspectives on what makes Colorado a great place to live and work alongside the specific policies and challenges business leaders across the state are facing. Together, we share a collective goal – a prosperous Colorado for all.

Creating cost savings and efficiency in 2021: How sourcing and procurement strategies can unlock new opportunity

Marketing Marketing Perspectives

Cost savings are a top priority in 2021 as companies work to regain their footing after a tumultuous year. One area ripe with opportunity to enhance cost optimization is vendor management and procurement. Implementing a strategic sourcing process that provides structure and support for procurement strategies – whether it’s for a tool or a specific expertise provided by vendors – …

Six Principles to Sharpen Your Corporate Financial Literacy

Marketing Marketing Perspectives

Financial literacy is an essential skill to hone and sharpen, regardless of your position within an organization. Of course, it’s a skill that’s central to a finance and accounting role, but for anyone working in business, financial literacy is critically important to your ability to comprehend the financial levers and drivers that drive your business strategies. As a management consulting …

Business Transformation: How Thinking Small Creates Sustainable Growth

Marketing Marketing Perspectives

Change is an inevitable part of life, and business. It is required to grow, reach our fullest potential and move forward; yet as humans, we naturally resist these forces. COVID-19 has shown us, despite our nature, just how capable we are of adapting. The pandemic forced dramatic and immediate changes to our habits, beliefs and perceptions. Similar events that force …

How to Keep Your Business Thriving When the CEO has COVID-19

Marketing Marketing Perspectives

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged business leaders to address a myriad of issues essentially overnight – the evaporation of revenue streams, major disruption in supply chains, and the health and safety of their employees. Unlike other crisis we have experienced with economic impacts, COVID leveled the playing field on all fronts – it truly impacted everyone. Needless to say, it is …

It is More Important Than Ever to Bring Humanity to Professional Services

Marketing Marketing Perspectives

Professional services tends to be a cerebral industry, driven more often by our heads than by our hearts. Analytical and thorough, we speak in terms of human capital, operational efficiencies, consolidation, frameworks, and engagements that preserve precious resources. In this industry, we are not in the practice of giving attention to the emotional connections — the humanity — of our …