How to Keep Your Business Thriving When the CEO has COVID-19

Marketing Marketing Perspectives

Celia Dietrich – Founder and Executive Chair

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged business leaders to address a myriad of issues essentially overnight – the evaporation of revenue streams, major disruption in supply chains, and the health and safety of their employees. Unlike other crisis we have experienced with economic impacts, COVID leveled the playing field on all fronts – it truly impacted everyone. Needless to say, it is the worst time for the CEO to become sick, but that is exactly what happened to me.

I have spent the better part of two months recovering from the coronavirus and am still trying to understand all of the change and unrest in the world. As I return to work, what has been easy to make sense of and what I have found so inspiring is the blessing of what a strong, talented team is able to do in the face of adversity. Dietrich has not only survived in this challenging time, but we are thriving because we know we are stronger together; we trust one another; and we care for each other.

As COVID-19 continues to present unique challenges to businesses, this experience has proven that the way to overcome obstacles and navigate uncertainty when unforeseen events are presented is to encourage leadership skills at all levels, so teams are prepared and practiced in handling similarly unfamiliar situations like a global pandemic.

The way we live, work and engage with others has completely changed. Through the hardships of adjusting to a remote work environment and the new daily stresses added to already busy lives, teams must utilize their best individual skills to contribute and work together to solve the issues brought forward with the pandemic and to operate within such adversity. The Dietrich team stepped up in a big way, relying on the proven rhythm we had in place, while also identifying and acting on opportunities to optimize and improve, and ensuring the sustainability and viability of our approach, in the same way we do for our clients.

I commend my team for its support of one another and our clients, and I know we are stronger as a result. This commitment and connection prevented us from second-guessing ourselves when times were tough. We relied on individual talents and listened to each other, which enabled us to find the best possible solution. With encouraged support from within, our team was empowered to overcome significant challenges in daily operations and kept thriving, despite the circumstances. Many businesses have not been so fortunate.