Our Team

About Dietrich Partners

Driven by a right-sized team of experts, Dietrich Partners is committed to delivering the highest-quality service and expertise to solve your most complex business challenges.

Dietrich Partners is a nationally recognized management consulting firm working alongside clients to lead and support efficient M&A transactions, deliver complex programs, and optimize a company’s performance to maximize its ultimate value. Founded with the goal of delivering a unique client and talent engagement experience, Dietrich’s client roster encompasses the largest public and privately held companies, private equity, and the public sector; ranging in size from the middle market to Fortune 100. While agnostic, we serve clients across an extensive range of industries including healthcare, financial services, utilities, manufacturing, government, hospitality, construction, and agriculture. We are proud to be a certified woman-owned business, an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company, and recognized as a Great Place to Work.

Founded in 2014 by Celia Dietrich, the company seeks to address a critical gap in the industry: providing the flexibility to solve clients’ specific problems alongside high-quality services addressing deep and varied business challenges. Dietrich Partners is transforming the industry with a precise and customized approach that combines both of these abilities with absolute relevance for client needs. Driven by a right-size team of experts, Dietrich Partners is committed to delivering the highest-quality service and expertise to solve the problem at hand.


Our Mission

Through meaningful partnerships between team members and clients, we improve performance and drive businesses forward. We invest our proven expertise to simplify complexities, create efficiencies and lead transformations that positively affect business — and do so quickly for early and sustained results.

Our Values

We say what we mean, and we do what is right. You can count on our honesty, transparency and confidentiality.

We deliver what we promise and always accept responsibility for our actions.

We practice humility and understand we are guests in your company. As we partner with you, we will respect and celebrate your unique culture.

Our ability to deliver sustained performance depends entirely on collaboration, established through strong relationships with our team, clients, and community.