Colorado Competitive Landscape Report: 2022 Sentiment And 2023 Outlook

Dietrich Partners and the Colorado Chamber of Commerce are pleased to present the first of an annual series providing Colorado business owners and executives with relevant information in order to:

  • Understand the policies and experiences that have recently impacted or are currently impacting companies’ decisions to expand or contract operations in Colorado.
  • Gain insight into the competitive challenges employers face.
  • Share perspectives from executives on how they are addressing challenges.
  • Provide the Colorado Chamber with the information necessary to engage and develop policies that enable a sustainable and healthy business climate.

This report summarizes the findings from a qualitative surveys of both public and private Colorado companies operating along the Front Range and Western Slope with revenues ranging from $8 million to $1.5 billion.

We are proud to provide this information with the hope it will inform both the business and legislative community as we move into 2023. Together, we share a collective goal – a prosperous Colorado for all.

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