Our Work

Propelling Your Business Forward

Guided by experience, we customize solutions and design flexible playbooks and tools that generate results.

Our team makes a quick impact. We align with your specific needs and have the experience to solve the toughest, most complex business challenges with deliverables and programs focused on action, pragmatism and efficiency.

Our Expertise

Dietrich Partners maintains a deep bench of talented experts to deliver customized solutions for each client. Backed by enthusiastic endorsements and referrals, Dietrich Partners maintains a strong track record in the following competencies:

  • Business transformation, achieved through organizational change management and performance optimization
  • Strategic planning to articulate and validate a business case
  • Performance improvement, achieved by filling operational gaps and aligning intellectual capital
  • Business integrations that create and maximize value:
    • Evaluating, managing and minimizing risk
    • Guiding complex processes to create synergies
    • Correcting problems to recover from troubled integrations
  • Cost-cutting solutions to add programmatic efficiency
  • Governance to turn struggling initiatives into successes, and operational roadmaps to stay on track
  • Systems, processes and tools to provide supply chain oversight
  • Analysis and solutions to address financial and operational gaps

Our Services


Ensure your critical initiatives deliver business results. Whether it is kicking off a new effort or course-correcting an established program, we advocate for your success and focus on initiatives that add value to your business.

ESG Consulting Services

Prepare and transform your organization across the spectrum of ESG indicators (environmental, social, and governance) for stronger and more sustainable operational and financial performance in rapidly changing markets, as well as alpha enhancement to maximize company value and become a supplier and employer of choice.

M&A Services

When the deal is signed, the work is only beginning. We bring our precise and customized approach to post-close activities, transaction strategy and integration execution to identify and accelerate value at every stage of a merger, acquisition or divestiture.

Optimize Performance

We drive business performance with practical and efficient solutions that quickly deliver top and bottom-line results. We deliver early impact to help clients improve performance across their business with a focus on quality, speed and cost savings.

Case Studies


Program Stewardship

PMO Advisory
Program Stewardship PMO Advisory – Current state maturity assessment and recommendations The Client A $2B international company facilitating travel commerce ...
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Money Market Reform
Program Stewardship Navigating SEC money market reform in a heavily regulated environment The Client A Fortune 100 company and leading ...
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Healthcare Bundled Payments
Program Stewardship Adopting healthcare bundled payments to improve quality & reduce costs  The Client A major healthcare subsidiary company that ...
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M&A Services

Streamlining Integration - Healthcare Acquisitions
M&A Services Streamlining the integration of complex healthcare acquisitions The Client An $8B healthcare company and leading provider of both ...
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Divestiture Initiative - Information Technology
M&A Services Divestiture initiative – information technology The Client An $8B healthcare company and leading provider of both physician-led, outsourced ...
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Acquisition Integration Playbook & Execution
M&A Services Creation of acquisition integration Playbook & Integration Execution The Client A $500M private equity owned recreational destination group, ...
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Optimize Performance

Setting the Course for Change with Technology Strategy Assessment
Optimize Performance Setting the Course for Change with Technology Strategy Assessment The Client A municipal corporation and political subsidiary of ...
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Shared Services Implementation and Financial Reserves
Optimize Performance Shared services implementation and financial reserves The Client A $600M private equity owned distributor of construction materials, accessories ...
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Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Execution System Implementation
Optimize Performance Enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution system implementation The Client A $90M private equity owned provider of high-efficiency ...
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Advancing Business Insight through Reporting and Analytics
Optimize Performance Advancing business insight through reporting and analytics The Client A private equity owned $3.8B global leader in the ...
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