Advancing Business Insight through Reporting and Analytics

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Optimize Performance

Advancing business insight through reporting and analytics

The Client
A private equity owned $3.8B global leader in the design and manufacture of specialty heat exchangers and custom heat transfer solutions with a network of over 1,800 employees and sales offices worldwide. 

The Challenge
The new leadership team struggled to effectively manage global manufacturing facilities without accurate and reliable financial and operational data. After multiple acquisitions, the company had been recently sold to a private equity firm that wanted a quick exit. While a single-data warehouse existed, data from all locations did not feed into it, nor did detailed information for half of the business as historical records had been destroyed. Additional complexity existed as the business utilized numerous ERP systems, lacked a standardized chart of accounts and standard procedures for defining, classifying and reporting operational activity. The client required a standardized set of data elements, consistency in ERP feeds to the data warehouse and the development of robust financial and operational reporting.  

The Approach
Dietrich took immediate action to: 

  • Conduct a feasibility analysis of clients’ existing systems and processes.   
  • Develop standardized data elements and definitions to ensure reporting consistency. 
  • Provide business requirements and oversight to develop financial and operational reporting.    
  • Manage the end-to-end process: a) identify the data elements in ERP systems; b) ensure data elements were in accordance with standardized definitions; c) map data elements into the data warehouse’ and d) tes completeness and accuracy of reported data.  
  • Create and assist with communications, training and initial implementation to all end users globally and developed ongoing program sustainability tools.  

The Result
With standardized data and a reliable data warehouse, Dietrich provided the client information to more effectively make decisions and drive their business forward. Historical results and sales trends were made available, enabling the client to react to industry and market conditions in a timely manner. Additionally, the client’s product management team was able to view customer feedback gathered from the sales teams, allowing them to make better product enhancement and development decisions.