Future-Proof Your Organization for Sustainable Financial Performance

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ESG Analysis & Strategy

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore their environmental, social, and governance performance. Metastudies show that companies with robust ESG strategies consistently outperform their competitors across a broad spectrum of KPIs, and not just because they have a social license to operate (though courting public and civic support does improve a company’s bottomline).

  1. Sustainable operations efficiently produce higher returns and make far more business sense long-term
  2. Diverse boards and management consistently foster better decision-making and work environments
  3. Well-governed companies are more prepared and nimble, allowing them to adapt to rapid changes in the world, manage risk and grow

Investors have taken notice (one in three U.S. assets under professional management are now ESG-invested), and as a result, a low ESG rating can negatively impact your company’s access to capital, your cost of capital, and ultimately your share or exit price.

Move beyond mere compliance to future-proof your organization with a strong, actionable strategy in order to reap the financial and social benefits.


  • Assess company-wide ESG performance and identify gaps
  • Identify financially material ESG factors across all sectors
  • Engage shareholders and stakeholders in a solutions-focused strategy and planning
  • Map and implement paths to net-zero emissions, equitable representation, de-risked operations and investments, vetted supply chains and more
  • Measure the value of their ESG initiatives year after year
  • Assist in the drafting of the ESG annual report or communication to stakeholders

What We Deliver

ESG assessment
We assess your company’s performance across the three pillars of ESG to establish the current baseline and perform gap analysis, both of which are essential for future planning and measurement.
Materiality & strategy
Working with your teams, stakeholders, and shareholders, we identify material ESG issues across all sectors. We then participate, lead and oversee a collaborative effort to define your enterprise-wide goals and strategies.
Value chain mapping
We provide investor-grade analysis and reporting of your value chains, including greenhouse gas inventories and climate risk assessments, then help you foster alignment, internally and with suppliers and vendors, to support your goals.
Credible & transparent DEI goals
We guide the development of corporate policies that encourage gender, racial, and LGBTQ diversity, especially in middle to upper management and boards, as well as KPIs and incentives that align with success.
ESG solutions planning and implementation
We work closely with your board and leadership to map out workable pathways for short- and long-term goals, from empowering the execution of new policies to overseeing their implementation enterprise-wide.
Outcomes measurement
We build evaluation frameworks for yearly measurement of both financial and non-financial impacts, so you can determine the return on your investment, identify new gaps, reinvest accordingly, and report progress to stakeholders.