Rocky Mountain Region Middle Market
2020 Performance and 2021 Outlook

Dietrich Partners, in partnership with The National Center for the Middle Market, is proud to release the results from the Rocky Mountain Region Middle Market 2020 Performance and 2021 Outlook survey.  In this report you will find 2020 performance data and outlook predictions for the future of the Rocky Mountain region’s middle market.

At Dietrich Partners, we know credible data is critical to understanding the business impacts stemming from the pandemic and economic recovery. We’re proud to empower businesses with this information to support your business strategy and strategic planning as we move forward through the economic recovery.

For all of the research findings and insights into the Rocky Mountain region middle market’s 2020 business performance and 2021 outlook, download the report.

The Rocky Mountain region middle market is composed of more than 10,200 companies located in the states of Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. These companies span all industries and ownership types and represent the full middle market revenue spectrum.   This report is derived from the bi-annual MMI survey conducted over the last five years and represents an analysis of data from 50-100 different Rocky Mountain region middle market companies. In addition to the survey-based data, this report reflects insights and highlights from qualitative discussions with senior leaders from area businesses operating in a variety of industries.