Creating cost savings and efficiency in 2021: How sourcing and procurement strategies can unlock new opportunity

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By Vanessa DeHope and Lisa Gibbs Cost savings are a top priority in 2021 as companies work to regain their footing after a tumultuous year. One area ripe with opportunity to enhance cost optimization is vendor management and procurement. Implementing a strategic sourcing process that provides structure and support for procurement strategies – whether it’s for a tool or a …

Six Principles to Sharpen Your Corporate Financial Literacy

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By Abby Hess and Greg Johnson Financial literacy is an essential skill to hone and sharpen, regardless of your position within an organization. Of course, it’s a skill that’s central to a finance and accounting role, but for anyone working in business, financial literacy is critically important to your ability to comprehend the financial levers and drivers that drive your …

Setting the Course for Change with Technology Strategy Assessment

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Optimize Performance Setting the Course for Change with Technology Strategy Assessment The Client A municipal corporation and political subsidiary of the State of Colorado providing high-quality water and promoting its efficient use to 1.4M people in the City of Denver. Colorado’s oldest and country’s largest water utility is governed by a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Mayor of Denver. …

Megan McIver joins Dietrich Partners

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The following is an excerpt from a story originally published by the Colorado Real Estate Journal. The full article can be read here.  Megan McIver joined Dietrich Partners, where she will oversee client services and help grow the firm’s client roster. She has extensive experience in strategic marketing, branding, and relationship development.    

Building a culture of resilience to overcome adversity

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The following is an excerpt from a column by Celia Dietrich, originally published by The Colorado Sun. The full article can be read here. We are just past the mid-way point of 2020, but it is already clear that this year will be remembered for one thing: change. In Colorado, we have had the good fortune of growth and economic …

How to Keep Your Business Thriving When the CEO has COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic challenged business leaders to address a myriad of issues essentially overnight – the evaporation of revenue streams, major disruption in supply chains, and the health and safety of their employees. Unlike other crisis we have experienced with economic impacts, COVID leveled the playing field on all fronts – it truly impacted everyone. Needless to say, it is …

Shared Services Implementation and Financial Reserves

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Optimize Performance Shared services implementation and financial reserves The Client A $600M private equity owned distributor of construction materials, accessories and tools for both the commercial and retail markets. The company managed five operations in the U.S., with 1,100 employees.  The Challenge Not long after a private equity purchase, the management team looked to strengthen the accounting and finance functions, assess …

Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Execution System Implementation

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Optimize Performance Enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution system implementation The Client A $90M private equity owned provider of high-efficiency solar cells and panels for the government and commercial satellite and aerospace industries. The Challenge The client engaged Dietrich to analyze systems that supported manufacturing and accounting activities. The analysis revealed multiple, disparate applications and databases linked by an extremely …

Advancing Business Insight through Reporting and Analytics

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Optimize Performance Advancing business insight through reporting and analytics The Client A private equity owned $3.8B global leader in the design and manufacture of specialty heat exchangers and custom heat transfer solutions with a network of over 1,800 employees and sales offices worldwide.  The Challenge The new leadership team struggled to effectively manage global manufacturing facilities without accurate and reliable …

Streamlining Integration – Healthcare Acquisitions

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M&A Services Streamlining the integration of complex healthcare acquisitions The Client An $8B healthcare company and leading provider of both physician-led, outsourced medical services with over 34,000 employees and affiliated clinicians; and, medical transport services providing and managing community-based medical transportation with over 29,000 employees.   The Challenge The company had historically grown through acquisition; however, lacked a structured approach and …