Rocky Mountain Region Middle Market 2020 Performance and 2021 Outlook

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 29, 2021 Survey Finds Rocky Mountain Region’s Middle Market Experiencing Faster Economic Recovery Than National Average, Higher Projections for Revenue and Employment Growth in 2021 56% of region’s middle market executives report appetite to invest extra cash in 2021 DENVER — Dietrich Partners, a Denver-based management consulting firm, and the National Center for the Middle Market …

Why businesses cannot afford to skip strategic planning

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The following is an excerpt from a column by Lisa Gibbs, originally published by ColoradoBiz Magazine. The full article can be read here. In a typical year, companies often focus attention on planning during the fourth quarter. Coming out of such a turbulent 2020, this process will present business leaders with new challenges as they prepare for 2021.    

Business Transformation: How Thinking Small Creates Sustainable Growth

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Change is an inevitable part of life, and business. It is required to grow, reach our fullest potential and move forward; yet as humans, we naturally resist these forces. COVID-19 has shown us, despite our nature, just how capable we are of adapting. The pandemic forced dramatic and immediate changes to our habits, beliefs and perceptions. Similar events that force …